Ik Chin Travel

Our Social Responsibility Project

As a travel agency, we have always thought of ways we could use our expertise to benefit more than just our suppliers and customers. Doing our small part for the society has always been one of the wishes we have to achieve as a company. To help the community, to feed a family and to make one more person smile.

We believe that joy should be shared to those around and thus, took on a project to challenge ourselves.


Project ChouChou

This project was first taken on by one of our colleague and her friends. It is their wish to make the children smile by giving them a doll which can accompany them through their childhood. These dolls are better known locally as "Chouchou" an item that will accompany them through their childhood whether during meals, playtime or bedtime (giving the dolls a unique smell due to the longtime use, hence the name "Chouchou” or "臭臭"). These chouchou are made with used clothes and fabric and are sewn together by the low income in Singapore. As a company, we thought that it was a great idea to help people both home and abroad. Hoping to expand the project bigger, we joined in.

Here below is a simple diagram which explains our project

"Adopt a Chouchou" is now available! You can buy a Chouchou at $15 each. Once the Chouchou is sewn, they are sold at charity events or at our office. Proceeds for the dolls will be used to give the sewers an extra income and also to sustain the project (transportation, storage and washing fees). As a buyer of the Chouchou, you can also have the choice of taking the doll home or to donate it by giving it back to us.

As we bring our travellers to see the world, we will bring the chouchou on some trips to give the children there too. As we all go on our holidays with happy thoughts and heart, we believe the giving of the Chouchou will give the children more than just a toy. It will give the children along with it, love, smiles and laughter which can accompany them throughout their childhood.


Happiness is contaigious and we all can touch hearts wherever we go.