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7 Reasons Travel Helps You As A Person

07 July 2018 by seetheworld

Travelling around the world is something everyone dreams of at some point. It is never too late to start your plans now on this life-changing experience.

One thing that is holding us back is the fear that we are not cut out for the travelling life or maybe travelling may somehow ruin your career prospects. Is it the right time to travel? What if you screw up your job and couldn't get a job when you come back? Well, there are thousands of reasons why you should travel and how all those insecurities are a one in a thousand possibilities that may happen, but I am here to summarize some of the reasons into the list I have made today. Here are 7 reasons why you should start planning for your next trip!


When you go out, you get a huge opportunity to meet new people. These new contacts will serve you more meaningful relationships outside your own country, and forces you to take in new perspectives. It also broadens your social circle and allows you to feel more connected even though you may be worlds apart. Eventually you realize that everyone is actually the same.


Travelling allows you to bump into new situations which you would probably never experience in your own country, for instance; in Singapore, you would rarely get a situation where you have to survive a storm or hike a mountain. By going to other places, you get a chance to experience all the different things that you wouldn’t have the chance to in Singapore. By travelling, you are going out of your comfort zone. This will allow you to try and adapt to new situations. You are left with the option to be more open-minded to different culture and lifestyles, which would ultimately make you a better-rounded person.
In addition, improved skills will give you a boost in your confidence. Since you are able to deal with unexpected situations and adapt to them with a cool head, these will help you survive and upgrade yourself as a person. That’s the goal of travelling, isn’t it?


Yes, this is definitely a no brainer, but learning languages is not something anyone can do. As someone who is interested in learning different languages, I could assure you that learning a new language takes a lot of time and dedication, but the sense of closeness when you converse with someone in their language brings a special meaning to your travel. Simply saying “Thank you” in Thai, or saying “Excuse me” in Spanish, it really gives a whole different vibe to your travelling experience.

I cannot emphasize enough how it feels when you could converse with someone in their native language. It brings them a sense of respect and you could see that they will truly appreciate that you take the time and effort to truly understand and look into a glimpse of their lives.


Caught up in work, kids, schools, or relationships? Travelling gives you a chance to go out and be alone with your thoughts. This serves a self-reflecting session for you to make some important decisions. It will allow you to see where you are, where you’ve been, and what you want right now.

I know this may be a subjective matter, but I personally would find the idea of travelling as a chance to escape from social media and all the problems I’m facing; giving me time to organize my thoughts and make a right decision that is true to who I am.


In our current era, we are all caught up in our daily life. You are not opened to how special your hometown is. With travelling, it gives you a moment to miss you hometown, even the simplest things like food, seasons, family and friends.

It may be something everyone knows, but to truly experience the homesick feeling, you have to go out and leave it all behind. Only then, you would appreciate how warming home is and how the simple taste of “home” your family cooking is.


A friendly personality, increased awareness, adaptability, and the ability to function well is important. A person who wants a decent job should travel. Travelling allows you to be a better candidate for a lot of roles. Not only this gives you a lot of stories to share but travelling boosts your confidence, allowing you to shine during your interviews.


We’ve daydreamed about it, imagined it, and envisioned it. It’s all you ever wanted – to explore and travel the world. When you get the chance to do so, you feel accomplished. What are you waiting for? Book your upcoming trip and customize with us!

Not just that, a simple adaptation to the new culture and lifestyle is already an accomplishment itself. Just think about it, who would actually get the chance to survive the freezing temperatures of Russia if you live in Singapore your whole life. If you manage to survived, you would feel accomplished. Not to mention, you can share the amazing stories with your friends how delicious the meals are, how beautiful the scenery were, and many more.

So... Are you sold yet?

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