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About Us

Ik Chin Travel

Founded in the year 1967, IK CHIN is a progressive enterprise with a rich history in the travel industry. Adaptive to the times and everchanging industry, we have customized our travel services to cater to the needs of our customers, enhancing their travel experience with expertise of our travel associates.

Travelling has always been a way for us to experience a life out of ours and from that comes new skills, confidence and perspective not only of the world but also ourselves. From travels, we can learn more about ourselves and our travel companions. We learn to appreciate our friends and loved ones and the little things in life that make us who we are. Having tasted the fruits of our travels, we are motivated to share our joys with you.

Vision: “To fulfill everyone’s travel dreams and expand your horizon of the world.”

In the internet age where information overload may cause a problem with tour planning, we at Ik Chin will provide our experience to help travelers make the better choice. Every journey is special and unique in its experience thus we at IkChin make it our mission “ To offer unique, quality and memorable travel experiences. Ensuring safety of our customers is always our top priority”.

Our Products

With more than 20 years of experience in travel planning in Asia, we provide and plan quality travel products to countries in the Asian region. As such, we provide tour planning and tour arrangements (flight tickets, hotels, transport and tours) for many countries all over Asia.

Our leisure tours selection shows our available of the shelf products which also allows for customization to personalize travels to your needs. This will ensure the flexibility and exclusivity you need for your tours.

Over the years, we also had the privilege to join in pilgrimage to Buddhist sites around Asia. Our pilgrimage tours section displays a list of tours you can look at to fulfill your interest in Buddhism and its history.

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