9 Days 8 Nights Shanxi Mt Wutai

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Dailuoding Temple

Monasteries visit to 5 peaks


Xiantong Temple

Tayuan Temple

Luohou Temple

Foguang Temple

Nanchan Temple


Qiao’s Family Mansion

Pingyao Ancient Town

Rishengchang Draft Bank

Zhengguo Temple

Shuanglin Temple


Jinci Temple


Wooden Pagoda


Hanging Temple


Yungang Grottoes

Huayan Temple

Shanhua Temple

Price includes

International return airfare by Air China

Meals & sightseeing as per itinerary

8 nights accommodation at local 4-5* hotels

Mandarin speaking guide



Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Beijing.  Upon arrival, transfer to Mt Wutai visit Dailuoding Temple (2-way cable car is included) It is where the ancient emperors made the prayer to Manjusri, Bodhisattva. This is an important temple for those who are unable to visit all five peaks as the it houses Manjusri Bodhisattvas statues resembling the five Manjusri Bodhisattvas of each terrace.

(Lunch, Dinner)


Cuiyuan Peak is the central peak of Mt Wutai. The peak got its name as the rocks on this peak are covered with moss. Jinxiu Peak is the southern peak of Mt Wutai. During the spring and summer, this peak is full of colourful flowers earning its name of beauty. Guayue Peak is the western peak of Mt Wutai. On this peak, in the evening, it is said that one can have a view of the moon unlike any other.Wanghai Peak is the eastern peak of Mt Wutai which has gotten its name from the temple located there.Yedou Peak is the northern peak of Mt Wutai and the tallest peak of the mountain. Proceed to Shuxiang Temple which is a famous temple known for its large statue of Manjusri Bodhisattva.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


This morning, we will visit the Pusading, said to be the residence of Manjusri Bodhisattva. One of the most revered temples in the Qing Dynasty. Proceed to a few temples like Xiantong Templewhich One of the earliest and the largest temple on Mt. Wutai.Tayuan Temple is known as the Great White Pagoda, it is a brick stupa that used to belong to Xiantong Temple. Luohou Temple is a well preserved temple that combines both Chinese and Tibetan style architecture.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


This morning, visit to Foguang Temple. It is a UNESCO site, it is the second earliest preserved timber structure in China. Nanchan Temple is Built in 782 CE during China’s Tang Dynasty. It is the oldest preserved timber structure in China. Chong Shan Temple it was a royal Buddhist Temple.  Now, it has become a key cultural relic under the protection of Shanxi Province and home to the Buddhist Association of Shanxi Province.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Today, we will visit Qiao’s Family Mansion is a large family complex of northern China architectural characteristics now open to public. Its original owner was a rich merchant in the periods of Emperor Jiaqing and Emperor Daoguang. Proceed to Pinyao Ancient Town which located in the middle of Shanxi Province is one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China. It is now famous for its well preserved traditional buildings. Rishengchang Draft Bank is the first form of banks in China.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


After breakfast proceed to Zhengguo Temple is one of the well known temples in Pingyao and a UNESCO world heritage. It is famous for its exquisite building technique. Shuanglin Temple reputed to be the ‘ancient painted sculptures museum as it houses more than 2000 colourful scriptures of 4 dynasties. It was proclaimed to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Jinci Temple which one of the most important historical sites under special protection of the Shanxi Province. Built in commemoration of the first king Tang Shuyu of the Kingdom of Jin.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Leave Jinzhong and travel to Datong. On your way, en-route visits will be made to Yingxian Wooden Pagoda and Hunyuan Hanging Temple. Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is the oldest and highest wooden pagoda in China. Within the Pagoda is a 11m high Sakyamuni Buddha statue which gave the pagoda its name. Next, we will proceed to Hunyuan Hanging Temple (View from afar) Built on the side of a cliff at the foot of Mt Hengshan, it is an architectural marvel and the only temple with Buddhism, Taoism and confucianism. Continue our journey to Datong after the sightseeing.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


This morning we will visit Yungang Grottoes is a relic of Buddhist art. These Grottoes carved out of sandstone cliffs during 453-493 stretch for 1km from the east to the west. It is one of the four famous grottoes in China (electric car ride available). Next stop Huayan Temple, is the temple of the Buddhist Hua Yan Sect. It is an aged temple with architecture from the Liao and Jin Dynasty. Lastly, we shall visit Shanhua Temple is an ancient temple founded during the early 8th century of the Tang Dynasty.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Leave Datong for Beijing Capital Airport for your flight back to Singapore.

(Breakfast, Lunch)

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