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Add on a templestay to your holiday in South Korea this autumn!

Naejangsan Baekyangsa

Planning to visit South Korea during the autumn season to enjoy the foliage? Naejangsan is the most popular national park for the viewing the fall’s scenery. With the famous waterfalls of Dodeok and Geumseon in the vicinity, you could easily spend a relaxing full day immersed in nature and the beauty of autumn.

Naejangsan's Baekyangsa

Naejangsan’s Baekyangsa Temple

What would be interesting is to stay 1 night within the national park. We are now introducing a 1 night templestay program in Baekyangsa located within Naejangsan National park.

Templestay programs vary from the free style program to the temple life experience program to suit your needs depending on how you would like to spend your stay in the temple. For those looking to just breath the fresh autumn air in the national park of Naejangsan, you can opt for the free style program which includes free time for your own activities. While those looking to try out temple life can have try out all the activities in the temple life experience program. Activities like ringing the temple bells and making of the prayer beads will keep you occupied for the entire stay. Also, there is a special program for those who have a Saturday to spare, you can learn to cook Korean temple food with their head chef Sunim Jeong Kwan.

baekyangsa kitchen

Learn to cook temple food with Baekyangsa’s head chef Sunim Jeong Kwan

Enjoy the beauty of the crimson maple leaves and clean air for your coming trip to South Korea! Enjoy some clean eating with vegetarian temple food while you are at it too. Experience a templestay in South Korea today! It will definitely be a rejuvenating autumn you will find hard to forget.

The templestay program fare can be enrolled with us starting from a fee of $90. Click here for more information on the programs available. 

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