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Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome to Korea!

We all have heard of Korean terms at this point, whether it’s K-pop, Korean drama, to simple words and phrases like “Oppa” and “Annyeonghaseyo”. But to truly experience Korea, one must live life the Korean way, and to those who are thinking “But how will I be able to do that? I’ve never been to […]

Should you visit Xinjiang?

For those who love to travel to China, it would be a waste to not travel to Xinjiang. With beautiful scenery and a culture that is unique and different compared from other areas of China, it offers a whole different experience for travellers who normally visits the Eastern side of China; Forbidden City in Beijing, […]

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Laos – It’s a magical place

About 270 days may have passed but I  can still remember the wonders of Laos. It was during my constant interactions with holiday goers that I found that while many have heard or thought of going to the country, they are still anticipative on what they will experience there. It is like a veil has […]